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Platinum Membership Program

Our subscribing members can now experience the premium tier of our program that offers exclusive exchange privileges and additional benefits. The Platinum membership tier provides affiliates a meaningful differentiator at point of sale, reinforcing our exchange programs as the most innovative and flexible exchange memberships in the industry.


A powerful tool to offer at the sales table for new as well as existing owners, the Platinum membership helps engage your owners and make their timeshare ownership relevant to them year-round.

Priority Privileges

  • Priority Answer: get quicker access to our knowledgeable guides

  • Platinum Previews: Platinum members have first access on getaways sales, allowing them to view and book getaways sales earlier than standard members.

  • Priority Access: Exclusive access to exchange vacations at select hotels and resorts

Exclusive Sales and Savings

  • Discount on getaways and vacations

  • Free Ongoing Search

  • Free Points Transfers

  • Free On-Hold Vacations

  • Platinum Cruise Exchange

  • Platinum Tours and Packages

  • Savings Dollars​

  • City Attractions


Take Your Membership
To The Platinum Level

With a higher level of service, special priority privileges, substantial savings on select transactions, more flexibility, expanded exchange options, and the ability to earn Savings Dollars, there’s never been a better time to upgrade!

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